Ariel Atienza

A comic strip artist and independently published cum alternative comics cartoonist who's also into photography.

He started doing comics ever since he was 5 after being heavily influenced by the first showing of Voltes V and other Japanese animations during the mid-70s along with various foreign and local artists like Walt Kelly, Larry Alcala, and Nonoy Marcelo. His first comic strip was published in 1993 in GLITTER Magazine (June 1993 – July 2000). He moved on to create more comics and contribute spot cartoons in other publications like Fusion Magazine (2003), LIVEtheLIFE Magazine (2004), and Candy Magazine (2000).

He also contributed 12 pages to the Palanca Award-winning anthology, Siglo: Passion. His work also appeared weekly in the US based newspaper, Philippine News, published in San Francisco, California (2002 – 2008) along with veteran cartoonist, Pol Galvez.

He’s also one of the founding members of Komikon, Inc.